In An Emergency, HDRS Saves Your Data

A crashed hard drive can be a pain. When it’s a drive that stores a company-wide intranet, it can be absolutely backbreaking. This is where Hard Disk Recovery Services can absolutely save your company’s bacon.

It also offers services to individuals and government agencies. HDRS rescues data by developing proprietary techniques with these major drive producers. By using these techniques, the company can dive in where most people have backed off. A few data recovery services like this offer this kind of determination.

Don’t deep six your computer if it’s been damaged by earthquakes, water, fire, or other disasters. In fact, don’t give up on your data if your system suffers from bad actuators, damaged motors, controllers, or control tracks, either. The HDRS clean-room facility is fully equipped to deal with these traumatic events, and they even offer emergency drive recovery.

For a many data recoveries, the drive must be completely dismantled, cleaned, then reassembled so that the read-write heads are in exactly the same position they were in when the failure occurred. This can make for varying data recovery service costs. This process requires a clean room to prevent dust particles from damaging the hardware components further. As a result of the company’s using a clean room to work on, mechanical problems that cannot be solved externally, most manufacturers will honor warranties on drives that have been recovered by a data recovery service provider.

What’s more impressive is that many data-recovery services run 24 hours a day. And, according to the company, its recovery rate is 95%. The 24-hour service is enjoyed by customers who send their damaged storage media or laptops to HDRS’ offices for data recovery. The company also will provide an immediate estimate of recovery charges over the phone before any damaged materials are sent out.

Depending on the amount of work required and backup time involved, a quality data recovery provider can ship recovered data back to the customer on the day it was received! This service goes for severely damaged data as well as software problems such as directory corruption. Directory corruption could be a result of conflicting software, electrical problems, or power surges.

The company’s list of satisfied customers is impressive. Major companies whose data have been successfully retrieved include Adobe Systems, American Express, Arthur Andersen & Co., Ben and Jerry’s, Eastman Kodak, MGM, Motorola, and Xerox.

A new policy recently enacted by HDRS is to rescue data from desktop and notebook computers at no charge for victims of the Grand Forks, N.D. flood. Many of the flood’s victims had computers that were totaled out by floods or fires caused by downed electrical lines. Now these hardy survivors have a fee-free friend in HDRS. If the company could save data from a Powerbook that sank to the bottom of the Amazon, they could certainly help computers that sat underwater for weeks during the flooding.

Web surfers with data recovery issues can turn to HDRS’ web site at for free data recovery information and tips for Macintoshes and PCs. Additionally, there’s stories about “disk-asters,” job opportunities, “TEN Good Reasons to Choose HDRS,” links, Media Coverage, customer testimonials, and contact information. One of the famous testimonials is from a scriptwriter of “The Simpsons” television program who would have lost an entire season’s worth of episodes had it not been for HDRS. Check out the site for the long list of HDRS fans.

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  1. It is never easy to determine which among hard drive recovery services are truly reliable. Some of the things that you have to consider when looking for one are the average turnaround time and customer service consistency.

  2. I am really glad such services are now available. It somehow gives me relief that no matter what happens, I’ll be able to have my files back.

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